Planning a wedding is objectively one of the hardest events to plan. You don’t get many wedding days and this is a day that many have spent their entire lives dreaming about. There is so much to think about; how long does it take to plan a wedding? Is a summer wedding nicer than a winter wedding? Should I invite my friend who is also an ex? There are so many details to incorporate in the planning, from the all-important wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, the invite list, food for guests, rings, the venue, and so many more details. But one of the biggest problems people run into when wedding planning is how much it costs. All of these things can cost a lot, the average price of a wedding stands at £16,000. If you want a beautiful, romantic wedding day but not at that price we’ve found four amazing locations for you to have your dream wedding but at a much lower cost. This is usually a huge part of your budget so choosing one of these cheap locations will also help you to free up funds to make all the other aspects of your wedding just as beautiful.

A Church

If you’re having a religious ceremony for your wedding day then a church is the perfect place for you. A church wedding costs on average £500, this includes the use of the church, your marriage certificate, and a priest/vicar to officiate the wedding. Churches tend to be particularly large buildings which means you will definitely have space to invite all your family and friends to share in your special day. Churches are very grand with beautifully decorated interior including magnificent stained-glass windows. Many churches have large grounds which are the perfect place to take a stroll as newly-weds and get some amazing wedding photos. One thing to bear in mind if you think a church is the right place for you is in some cases you need to have a previous connection to the church to be allowed to marry there. This could be a bonus as if you have your wedding at a local church your guests are unlikely to have any problems getting there.

A Park

This is a great option for any nature lovers. Where better to spend your day than outdoors surrounded by nature? This is another low budget option as you don’t have to pay to use the park. You will need to get a registrar to complete the ceremony and any other legal involvements related to the wedding, this should cost around £400. Many parks also have ponds or lakes which give the perfect backshot for your romantic wedding pictures, a wedding in a park would definitely be a day to remember. One thing to remember is not all parks are licensed to hold wedding ceremonies so check with your local authorities first.

A Barn

Getting married at a barn is great for anyone creative, it gives you complete control over how you want your wedding ceremony to look. This is the opportunity to make your wedding extremely unique and beautiful. If you want to decorate with fairy lights or lanterns or bunting you can, every decision is completely yours. To hire a barn for a wedding usually costs around £1000, most venues also offer catering packages with decent discounts which help to keep the costs down. As barns are right in the middle of the countryside it’s the perfect surroundings, you and your partner will feel like the only people in the world in that magical location.

Rooftop Bar

A rooftop bar would be a stunning place to tie the knot. Having a wedding so high up would provide you with amazing views of your favorite city, plenty of space available to invite as many guests as you want, and a massive selection of fancy drinks for you and your guests. To hire a rooftop bar, it could actually be free as they’ll provide food and drinks at a good price instead. You would feel a million miles away from anything else and it would be the perfect backdrop for some artsy wedding photos.