Ah, home construction- it must have crossed everybody’s mind at one point, right? One evening while you are sat after dinner, dreaming of when you win the lottery and can design your own house? Building a man cave with all sortspool table, underground bar, a cinema, or even a luxury jacuzzi?! Surely it can’t only be me that daydreams like that? Or maybe you are just looking to do an extension of the kitchen, or a loft conversion- something more realistic and suits the whole family?  

All that post construction cleaning isn’t something you want to do yourself, that is a definite given! First off, it will definitely be a bit easier, give yourself a break! There’s a lot going on, the last thing you want to be doing on a Sunday afternoon is cleaning up the mess of the beautiful extension! You want to be enjoying the rays of sun and having a cold beer or wine to cool down, especially now we are getting closer to summer. So why not leave it to the professionals?  

Building and electrical process 

There are many processes involved in building and making sure the electrical structures are safe and not a risk is an important factor. The electricals have to be planned to make sure that the correct wires and cables are in the right place so when walls are being filled by plaster, they can actually be used! Even simple things that people may not think of such as making sure that the switches are at a suitable height to flick on and off or making sure the switches are not too far off the ground but also not too high up so that you are able to plug in all electrics and hide all those cables! Also, it is important that the material used in buildings cannot conduct electricity well such as heavy metals as if anything were to happen to the building, the electricity will be carried throughout the metal and can cause fatality. Therefore, wood and plasterboard is the best material to use to ensure that the electricals are good to go and safe to use for all the family! 

Fire hazards 

Many new builds are built to last years and years and old houses tend to be more prone to fire outbreaks which are of course dangerous. So, to combat this is it important to make sure to make your material and house as fire-free as possible! This may even include using fire safety doors that keep individual rooms safe so that if there was a fire, it wouldn’t spread! Also, using fire retarded materials in the building process such as concrete panels, stucco, or brick for exterior walls. This way the fire is less likely to spread, much better than using materials that may be more prone to fire hazards. Do not forget those smoke fire alarms people! They will save lives, it is so important that you also keep them up to date and running well; hallway, between the living room and bedrooms, and definitely one in each landing! 

Home construction can be fun, designing the prototype, making sure the measurements are right, choosing the materials, and making sure the rest of the family also agrees, but the cleaning can never, ever, ever be fun! But home construction is always easier when you have that extra helping hand. And let’s be honest, during these tough times, everyone needs a helping hand or somebody they can call to support their endeavors. Even better, helping small construction businesses that are fast and efficient is even better!