The last year or so has been very difficult for those of you out there that have the goal of selling a property. Trying to sell a home in a time of economic decline and uncertainty is near impossible, which means that many people were forced to take their homes off the market or simply sell them for a fraction of the original asking price.

This year the world has started to return to a bit of normality. In comparison to last year, the economy is booming, meaning more and more people are in the position to take the steps that they couldn’t last year.  The tension held over banks has started to ease more, which means that it is no longer impossible to get a bank loan or a mortgage.

More and more people are now ready to buy a brand new house and forget the stress of last year, which is great news if you are in a position where you want to sell your home. Though the prospect of being able to now sell your home may seem exciting, you must remember that the market is now congested with people eager to sell their homes at bargain prices.  Due to just how busy the housing market is right now, to stand out you need to have a house that will catch the eye of a potential buyer, which can be a difficult task. Here are some useful tips on creating the perfect show home.


A big mistake that people make before putting their home on the market is not getting it professionally cleaned. When a home has been lived in for a long time, the occupant usually starts to lose sight of any small mess that there can be, but this small mess can be very off-putting to potential buyers. If you bring in a professional cleaner, they will know exactly how your house must look in order to be successful in the housing market. Getting someone else to clean your home will also mean that you can focus on all the other aspects of your life and house selling process.

You must also remember that cleanliness doesn’t just apply to the inside of your home. You have to ensure that your front and back garden areas are pristine, as having a messy garden can be extremely off-putting to any potential buyers, which is the last thing that you want.

Set a stylish scene

When people purchase a home, they want to be able to envision what the home may end up looking like, which is why setting a scene is so important. If someone was to walk into your home and see it poorly decorated, then they may have a hard time figuring out what the home’s potential could be, which may mean they don’t purchase the property.

Make sure the color palette of the home isn’t too abrasive and loud, as this could disrupt your buyer’s creative vision. You also need to make sure that you aren’t showing a home with worn or old furniture, as even if the furniture isn’t included with the home price, having nice furniture will make your house look better. This is something you should especially look into if you live in the city, as many of the homes on sale within the city are extremely stylish, which means they could outshine your own. Luckily it is very easy to find designer furniture in Perth AU, which you could rent to improve the appearance of your home or even purchase to increase the price that you can sell the house for.