For prospective buyers and agencies alike, spotting ideal properties is an extremely desirable skill to have. It can help prospective homeowners find their ideal new living situation and give them an understanding of what sort of price they should expect to pay for certain features of properties and what extras they can try and look for to make sure their new property lives up to and breaks any expectations they may have.

For potential agencies, spotting fantastic properties is integral to their success as it allows them to constantly carry a wide portfolio of desirable properties that people want to buy and avoid dud homes which might sit in the books for extended periods of time and end up selling for far under the desired price and lead to lower fees taken by the agency.

So, it can be easy to see why it is a useful skill to foster, but it might still seem daunting to learn. Luckily, with a few tips, you can start to train yourself to spot ideal properties in no time!


Which way does the property face?

When we wanted to purchase some leads for mortgage company, one of the first things we would look at is the direction the house faces. This might seem like an incidental detail, but it can significantly affect the price of the home and even the daily moods of those living there. This can be seen reflected very clearly in properties in densely packed areas such as town centers and cities, with properties often being placed on east-west roads and the placement of almost identical properties significantly affecting the prices of them.


Why is this so important?

You might wonder why the orientation of property would affect so much. Well, this is due to the very simple factor of sunlight. It may not be a significant difference during the colder months, but during summer and spring the orientation of the property directly affects how much sunlight comes into the house, and a 90-degree change in angle can mean the difference between a beautiful, open, and fresh feeling space and a dark, cramped atmosphere.

This is especially important to those who wish to fill their houses with plants, as different specimens require different amounts of light, but most houseplants (and humans) do best with north-facing windows. As a result, this can be a huge factor in determining the price and how popular property will be.



In the modern-day, everyone has heard the phrase “location, location, location” in reference to the property. There is a very good reason for it permeating international consciousness, as the local area around a property and the area directly around it are often deal makers and breakers. Going into the field and learning about the area around the property can be one of the most important steps any prospective buyer or seller can take to finding magnificent properties.

Be sure to check the local utilities and amenities, such as local shops, if there are any large shopping centers or high streets, and even where the closest park is. All of these will be on the list of desirable features for any buyer, so they must all be considered.



Some more overlooked features are transport links. The distance to the closest bus or train stop and how far away the local airport is are incredibly important to everyone – even those who already own cars – as they make commuting to work more reliable and can make it much easier to go on vacation.

Especially in cities, the availability and pricing of parking can be a huge factor in how popular property is, as many people own cars for use in their daily lives, and not every property comes with a garage or on-site parking!


These are the most important aspects to look into immediately when checking out a property, as they are often the first things people look at when creating a shortlist of properties to look at, but they aren’t the only things to look out for.

When investigating a property, you should also look for the condition of the building, looking for any cracks or signs of damp and mold. This sort of deeper look at a property will also train your mind to continue looking out for other aspects of a property that might affect its desirability and put you on track to knowing how to find fantastic properties.