Arguably one of the worst aspects of taking a cross country trip is having to find somewhere to stay, this is especially the case if you are taking a trip to DC. DC has a number of residential options for anyone that is choosing to take a trip to the country’s capital, however, it can be difficult to sift through the long lists of pricey hotels and inaccurately advertised Airbnb’s.

If you are someone that wants to make your trip special by choosing an interesting BnB or hotel, you will be faced with a new list of difficulties. It can be difficult to pick out a gem among all of the options and more often than not, the BnBs that advertise themselves to be a step above the rest never usually are.

Though obviously not everyone has the same expectations when it comes to finding a good BnB, we think that we have found the perfect BnB to quench that thirst for an interesting trip.


Adam’s Inn

Though you may not have heard about it, Adam’s Inn has been operating in the heart of DC for the last 40 years and has gained a positive reputation among locals and visitors alike.

There is nothing more charming than the appeal of antique exterior decor, which oozes elegance along with that comforting feeling of being at home. The quaint reception area of the BnB automatically tells you a great deal about what you can expect from the rest of your stay. It really does feel like a second home, with friendly staff and rustic decor. You get that sense of ease that is often missed when staying at an uncomfortable and more expensive hotel, which automatically starts your trip on a great foot.


The decor

Walking into the Adam’s Inn feels much like walking into a time machine. This BnB has been operating for four decades and very little has changed in terms of decor within this time. The hotel is rich in solid wood upholstery which really adds a certain charm that harkens back to the classic American look.

For some people, this classic look may be off-putting as it suggests that all of the BnB’s amenities may be dated. However, this really isn’t the case as the BnB still offers all that you would expect in a modern hotel. There is a flat-screen TV in every bedroom which means when you get home from your busy day of tourism, you’ll have the opportunity to lie back, relax and watch some of your favorite shows.  There is also free access to the internet within the BnB, which is a really convenient feature. This is especially the case if you are visiting from another country and don’t want to foot the bill of expensive data charges.

A really clever characteristic of the Adam’s Inn is maintaining the dated look of an American BnB, while also applying all the modern comforts that you could desire. An example of this being put into practice is through the beds in the BnB. The beds use the original frames in order to maintain a vintage appearance, however, they have replaced older mattresses with some of the best memory foam mattresses that are available on the market.



In such a big place like DC, location is everything. Local estate agents such as the house guys dc often talk about just how vital being situated in the right location is when staying or living in DC and Adam’s inn are able to boast a fantastic location without an extortionate price tag.

Adam’s inn is located next to everything you would need to see when in DC. One of their main attraction points is that the BnB is located within a close range of local zoos, which makes it the perfect location for any animal lovers.

If you are of drinking age you may be excited to know that the BnB is also in a prime nightlife location. There are dozens of bars and clubs located within a couple of miles of the hotel, so if you are someone that wants to see what the DC nightlife has to offer, then this BnB may be your best bet.