When a real estate agent works out a property value there are loads of factors that must be taken into account to come up with the final property value. If you’re thinking of getting your property valued, it’s great to know what things will increase the property value and what won’t add much to it. Some great things in a property that will lead an estate agent to value your property higher include things like how it’s crafted if you’re building a property then crafting with concrete will help to increase the value, double glazing windows also help to increase the value as well as if your property is energy efficient. If you’re getting a property value, then it’s good to have an idea of how to figure out the value so you can pick the right estate agent for you. Most estate agents will disagree slightly on the value of a property so if you know the process it’ll make it much easier for you to find an estate agent that is right for you and your property. We have talked to estate agents to learn all about the valuation process, and we’ve simplified it for you here, keep reading to find out all about it. 

Main Property Valuation Factors

Valuing property correctly is one of the first things that real-estate agents learn and once they have more experience it becomes much easier for them. Experienced real estate agents will be able to look at a property and quickly make an estimate for a value and most of the time they’re very close. They have to look at many different things to find an accurate price and whilst you think that the size and quality of your property may be the most important things many other things come into play too. One thing that really affects the value of your property is the location of it, if it’s in an area with a high crime then the value of your property will drop. Real estate agents also have to have an awareness of the current market reports and what the local market is currently like. This includes being aware of things like the demand for houses in the area and they can work this out by looking at things previous sales in the area. Whilst you may want to trust the estate agent that values your property the highest as you want your property to sell for as much as it can, but sometimes this is more of a hindrance as if it’s valued too high then it won’t sell. 

How To Choose an Estate-Agent

We’ve found some fantastic tips on how to find the best estate agent that will suit you and your property. The best tips are to speak to your estate agent to make sure that you can trust them and also ask for evidence so you can make sure that your property has been valued correctly. Also, be wary of long contracts, 6 months is the best time, try to stay away from 6 month contacts.