If you are someone that pays close attention to the housing market, then it is likely that you have noticed that it has recently started to stabilize. The housing market has been in an unstable condition for some time and now that it is back on its feet, it is likely that you are excited to finally buy a brand new home.

However, it is an easy mistake for people to rush into buying a house and people tend to end up buying a home with a lot of faults. Here are 5 things that you should check before buying a home.

1. Check The Home’s History

Something that a lot of people tend to forget is that it is important for you to check the history of a home. Legally, homeowners are only required to tell you about events that have happened within the last five years and anything that is before then does not need to be disclosed. Before you think of buying a home, you need to do some research and find out what has happened in the home. There could have been a tragic event that took place, that you likely will not want to live with. Checking the history will add some transparency to your sale and make you feel better.

2. The Pipes

Something that realtors do not disclose is how old the pipes within the home that you buy are. If you are buying an old house, then it is likely that the pipes have not been changed for some time. This is a common thing, as completely changing pipes can be an expensive job, so people tend to avoid doing it. If you have already bought a home in Alkmaar or somewhere similar, then it is likely that you have already noticed the pipes clogging. This is a big problem in the area, so luckily there are a number of Solutions for clogging in Alkmaar and surrounding areas (Oplossing voor verstoppingen in Alkmaar en omstreken) and there are many companies that can help you deal with your pipe issues.

3. The Electricity

Another thing that you likely know about housing is that the wiring of the electricity can be very expensive, especially if you have to replace it. For a lot of older homes, it is likely that the electricity has not been amended in years. This means that they likely use a lot of dated materials that may not be safe. Ask when the electrics were last changed and if it has been more than five years, ask for proof of a recent assessment.

4. The Neighbors

Even if a house looks fantastic, this could all come crumbling down if you find out that your new neighbors are not nice people. People tend to forget when they buy a house, they are signing up to live next to people for a number of years. You may end up with crazy neighbors and that is the last thing that you want. When viewing a house, take the time to chat with them and get a feel of their personality.

5. The Area Safety

Another big mistake that a lot of people make is forgetting to check out the local area before they buy a house. Though an area may look good on the surface, this does not mean that it is a safe place. You can do a quick google search to find out if an area is safe to live in. The internet will tell you the crime rate in the area and the more recent crimes that have taken place near your home.