Pallet Bed Frame

Saving money on your bed frame by going for a more urban-styled piece of furniture is a great way to affordably decorate your bedroom as well as providing you with a comfortable space to sleep. You could build it yourself by taking six wooden packing pallets and following one of the many tutorials that exist online or you could buy one of the DIY-inspired flatpack kits that are just as affordable and keep within the urban style.


Garden Furniture

A huge part of the urban genre of furniture design is creating outdoor furniture made from recycled materials that would have otherwise been wasted. If you are looking for inspiration for creating high-quality urban furniture then check out ghform dk, as they are very well known for their ethical and environmentally friendly design projects specializing in outdoor and street furniture.



Wardrobes provide excellent storage for your clothes and other belongings and it is the opinion of many that no bedroom is complete without one. If you are looking to have an urban aesthetic then you may want to look at some of the more rustic wardrobes that are available. You can find wardrobes and other storage pieces made from unconventional materials that will fit in anywhere that you have an urban design implemented.



Having your own hammock within your home or in your garden seems to be one of the latest trends in interior design particularly the urban genre, hammocks are actually very comfortable and if you do not have somewhere to hang a hammock you can now find them that are equipped with their own stand. This means that you don’t have to sacrifice your comfort or the urban style of your home and you can find the perfect location and position for you to take some time to relax.


Patchwork Soft Furnishings

No home is complete without the comfortable pieces of furniture every home requires, things like sofas and armchairs are the perfect addition to your social spaces and it is my opinion that everyone needs to have somewhere that they can sit back and watch the TV. If you are looking for urban furniture of this nature then you may be interested in the new patchwork designs that have been released, made up of different brightly colored squares of fabric that have been sewn together.