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Location, Location, Location: The Guide to Spotting Fantastic Property

Location, Location, Location: The Guide to Spotting Fantastic Property

For prospective buyers and agencies alike, spotting ideal properties is an extremely desirable skill to have. It can help prospective homeowners find their ideal new living situation and give them an understanding of what sort of price they should expect to pay for certain features of properties and what extras they can try and look for to make sure their new property lives up to and breaks any expectations they may have.

For potential agencies, spotting fantastic properties is integral to their success as it allows them to constantly carry a wide portfolio of desirable properties that people want to buy and avoid dud homes which might sit in the books for extended periods of time and end up selling for far under the desired price and lead to lower fees taken by the agency.

So, it can be easy to see why it is a useful skill to foster, but it might still seem daunting to learn. Luckily, with a few tips, you can start to train yourself to spot ideal properties in no time!


Which way does the property face?

When we wanted to purchase some leads for mortgage company, one of the first things we would look at is the direction the house faces. This might seem like an incidental detail, but it can significantly affect the price of the home and even the daily moods of those living there. This can be seen reflected very clearly in properties in densely packed areas such as town centers and cities, with properties often being placed on east-west roads and the placement of almost identical properties significantly affecting the prices of them.


Why is this so important?

You might wonder why the orientation of property would affect so much. Well, this is due to the very simple factor of sunlight. It may not be a significant difference during the colder months, but during summer and spring the orientation of the property directly affects how much sunlight comes into the house, and a 90-degree change in angle can mean the difference between a beautiful, open, and fresh feeling space and a dark, cramped atmosphere.

This is especially important to those who wish to fill their houses with plants, as different specimens require different amounts of light, but most houseplants (and humans) do best with north-facing windows. As a result, this can be a huge factor in determining the price and how popular property will be.



In the modern-day, everyone has heard the phrase “location, location, location” in reference to the property. There is a very good reason for it permeating international consciousness, as the local area around a property and the area directly around it are often deal makers and breakers. Going into the field and learning about the area around the property can be one of the most important steps any prospective buyer or seller can take to finding magnificent properties.

Be sure to check the local utilities and amenities, such as local shops, if there are any large shopping centers or high streets, and even where the closest park is. All of these will be on the list of desirable features for any buyer, so they must all be considered.



Some more overlooked features are transport links. The distance to the closest bus or train stop and how far away the local airport is are incredibly important to everyone – even those who already own cars – as they make commuting to work more reliable and can make it much easier to go on vacation.

Especially in cities, the availability and pricing of parking can be a huge factor in how popular property is, as many people own cars for use in their daily lives, and not every property comes with a garage or on-site parking!


These are the most important aspects to look into immediately when checking out a property, as they are often the first things people look at when creating a shortlist of properties to look at, but they aren’t the only things to look out for.

When investigating a property, you should also look for the condition of the building, looking for any cracks or signs of damp and mold. This sort of deeper look at a property will also train your mind to continue looking out for other aspects of a property that might affect its desirability and put you on track to knowing how to find fantastic properties.

5 Important Things to Look Out For When Buying a New Home

5 Important Things to Look Out For When Buying a New Home

Buying a new home is one of the most overwhelming tasks that you will ever undergo in your lifetime. Finding a house can be an incredibly strenuous process, then once you have found the right house there is a long list of other tasks that you need to do. From signing paperwork to setting out your financial arrangements, buying a home takes a lot of time.

Before you start the long commitment of buying a house, you want to ensure that you are picking the right home. Here is a list of the 5 most important things to look out for when buying a new home.


The Local Area

A mistake that a lot of people make when buying a house is focusing too much on the home itself and not taking the time to check out the local area. If the home that you have found seems to be too good a deal, maybe it’s because the local area isn’t quite up to the quality of the home. You could always check online reviews of areas to see what tourists and locals think, or you could even have a day out in the area and check it out for yourself.



Before you decide on whether or not you want to buy a house, you also want to imagine how you plan on expanding in the future. A house may fit your needs in terms of space when you initially buy it, but if you plan on having children or having other relatives move in, space may not cut it. You have to take this into account what you plan on doing in the future and ask yourself whether or not the house you are looking at will fulfill these needs. If you plan on extending your home in the future, you should also check whether or not you have planning permission to do so.



Another thing that you should look at when purchasing a new home is to look into that home’s history. Realtors are only required to disclose any horrible events that have happened within the last five years and often they will simply choose not to sell until those five years have passed. Due to the wonders of the internet, you can easily look up whether or not something bad has happened within your home. This may not matter to some of you, but for those of you that are suspicious, it may be worth looking into.



When it comes to homes, one of the biggest and most hidden problems is the condition of the pipes. This is something you don’t get to look into until you own the property and can cost you thousands if they aren’t in the best condition. Make sure to ask for a review of the pipes before you complete a purchase.



The overall condition of the home is very important when purchasing a house. If you walk into a home and it is unclean and unfinished, then you will be signing up to do a lot of work. It being unclean isn’t really much of an issue, as you can clean it yourself before you move in. If you are looking for some cleaning equipment for your potential home, you could always have a look at reviews of upright vacuums at thehousewire. Cleaning won’t be much of a process, but other damages such as damp or rotten flooring may cost you a lot in repairs. So make sure that you make sure the house is in a good condition.

What Types of Property Actually Need a Septic Tank?

What Types of Property Actually Need a Septic Tank?

No one likes to talk about sewage of septic tanks. Most people would happily pretend such systems don’t exist. Yet they are also the most vital and needed systems if we want to keep our streets and towns clean and disease-free. Without them, we would literally be living in our own filth.

Septic tanks present a lot more work than a conventional sewage system. Far disconnected from the state-run systems, septic tank maintenance and upkeep often fall under the responsibility of the homeowner. But this raises the question, what types of the property actually need a septic tank?

If you are looking to invest in some land to develop, or are simply moving to a new location, it’s important to know if you need to install a septic tank in the property, or if you will need to invest in the upkeep of one.


When Are They Used

Septic tanks essentially function as miniature sewage systems. But rather than feeding through a massive network of pipes to a sewage treatment plant, septic tanks act as one large storage system for the waste. Within this system, the waste is split up into three layers and either decomposed or emptied into a field where the water can evaporate and re-enter the water cycle.

Once installed the systems are often quite reliable and hassle-free. Although if they do malfunction or break down they can be difficult to repair due to the nature of them being buried underground. Often you will have to hire specialist engineers. They can also become blocked and require pumping. But luckily you can easily find septic tank pumping oganville ga as it is one of the states with the most septic tanks.


What Properties Need One

So where are they actually used? Essentially any property or tract of land that is not connected to the cities mains will require a septic tank. This is because they will not be part of the major city sewage systems. You will often find septic tanks on farm estates or out in the countryside.

As a property developer, it is important that you are aware of this information. I have seen many people develop a large amount of housing only to forget the need for a septic tank. Then, after residents move in, there are plumbing nightmares as the piping leads nowhere.

For farms, septic tanks can be a powerful farming tool as well. The waste can be repurposed in specialized tanks and turned into manure for crops. This is a fantastic way to save thousands of industrial farming supplies. While the initial set-up cost for these specialized tanks is steep, it is worth it in the end. And they are less likely to break down when compared to their more traditional cousins.

So, we hope this has been helpful information. For anyone moving into the world of property development, we strongly advise you to research septic tanks in greater detail.


The Most Beautiful Locations to Have a Wedding on a Budget

The Most Beautiful Locations to Have a Wedding on a Budget

Planning a wedding is objectively one of the hardest events to plan. You don’t get many wedding days and this is a day that many have spent their entire lives dreaming about. There is so much to think about; how long does it take to plan a wedding? Is a summer wedding nicer than a winter wedding? Should I invite my friend who is also an ex? There are so many details to incorporate in the planning, from the all-important wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, the invite list, food for guests, rings, the venue, and so many more details. But one of the biggest problems people run into when wedding planning is how much it costs. All of these things can cost a lot, the average price of a wedding stands at £16,000. If you want a beautiful, romantic wedding day but not at that price we’ve found four amazing locations for you to have your dream wedding but at a much lower cost. This is usually a huge part of your budget so choosing one of these cheap locations will also help you to free up funds to make all the other aspects of your wedding just as beautiful.

A Church

If you’re having a religious ceremony for your wedding day then a church is the perfect place for you. A church wedding costs on average £500, this includes the use of the church, your marriage certificate, and a priest/vicar to officiate the wedding. Churches tend to be particularly large buildings which means you will definitely have space to invite all your family and friends to share in your special day. Churches are very grand with beautifully decorated interior including magnificent stained-glass windows. Many churches have large grounds which are the perfect place to take a stroll as newly-weds and get some amazing wedding photos. One thing to bear in mind if you think a church is the right place for you is in some cases you need to have a previous connection to the church to be allowed to marry there. This could be a bonus as if you have your wedding at a local church your guests are unlikely to have any problems getting there.

A Park

This is a great option for any nature lovers. Where better to spend your day than outdoors surrounded by nature? This is another low budget option as you don’t have to pay to use the park. You will need to get a registrar to complete the ceremony and any other legal involvements related to the wedding, this should cost around £400. Many parks also have ponds or lakes which give the perfect backshot for your romantic wedding pictures, a wedding in a park would definitely be a day to remember. One thing to remember is not all parks are licensed to hold wedding ceremonies so check with your local authorities first.

A Barn

Getting married at a barn is great for anyone creative, it gives you complete control over how you want your wedding ceremony to look. This is the opportunity to make your wedding extremely unique and beautiful. If you want to decorate with fairy lights or lanterns or bunting you can, every decision is completely yours. To hire a barn for a wedding usually costs around £1000, most venues also offer catering packages with decent discounts which help to keep the costs down. As barns are right in the middle of the countryside it’s the perfect surroundings, you and your partner will feel like the only people in the world in that magical location.

Rooftop Bar

A rooftop bar would be a stunning place to tie the knot. Having a wedding so high up would provide you with amazing views of your favorite city, plenty of space available to invite as many guests as you want, and a massive selection of fancy drinks for you and your guests. To hire a rooftop bar, it could actually be free as they’ll provide food and drinks at a good price instead. You would feel a million miles away from anything else and it would be the perfect backdrop for some artsy wedding photos.

Is This the Most Charming BnB in the World?

Is This the Most Charming BnB in the World?

Arguably one of the worst aspects of taking a cross country trip is having to find somewhere to stay, this is especially the case if you are taking a trip to DC. DC has a number of residential options for anyone that is choosing to take a trip to the country’s capital, however, it can be difficult to sift through the long lists of pricey hotels and inaccurately advertised Airbnb’s.

If you are someone that wants to make your trip special by choosing an interesting BnB or hotel, you will be faced with a new list of difficulties. It can be difficult to pick out a gem among all of the options and more often than not, the BnBs that advertise themselves to be a step above the rest never usually are.

Though obviously not everyone has the same expectations when it comes to finding a good BnB, we think that we have found the perfect BnB to quench that thirst for an interesting trip.


Adam’s Inn

Though you may not have heard about it, Adam’s Inn has been operating in the heart of DC for the last 40 years and has gained a positive reputation among locals and visitors alike.

There is nothing more charming than the appeal of antique exterior decor, which oozes elegance along with that comforting feeling of being at home. The quaint reception area of the BnB automatically tells you a great deal about what you can expect from the rest of your stay. It really does feel like a second home, with friendly staff and rustic decor. You get that sense of ease that is often missed when staying at an uncomfortable and more expensive hotel, which automatically starts your trip on a great foot.


The decor

Walking into the Adam’s Inn feels much like walking into a time machine. This BnB has been operating for four decades and very little has changed in terms of decor within this time. The hotel is rich in solid wood upholstery which really adds a certain charm that harkens back to the classic American look.

For some people, this classic look may be off-putting as it suggests that all of the BnB’s amenities may be dated. However, this really isn’t the case as the BnB still offers all that you would expect in a modern hotel. There is a flat-screen TV in every bedroom which means when you get home from your busy day of tourism, you’ll have the opportunity to lie back, relax and watch some of your favorite shows.  There is also free access to the internet within the BnB, which is a really convenient feature. This is especially the case if you are visiting from another country and don’t want to foot the bill of expensive data charges.

A really clever characteristic of the Adam’s Inn is maintaining the dated look of an American BnB, while also applying all the modern comforts that you could desire. An example of this being put into practice is through the beds in the BnB. The beds use the original frames in order to maintain a vintage appearance, however, they have replaced older mattresses with some of the best memory foam mattresses that are available on the market.



In such a big place like DC, location is everything. Local estate agents such as the house guys dc often talk about just how vital being situated in the right location is when staying or living in DC and Adam’s inn are able to boast a fantastic location without an extortionate price tag.

Adam’s inn is located next to everything you would need to see when in DC. One of their main attraction points is that the BnB is located within a close range of local zoos, which makes it the perfect location for any animal lovers.

If you are of drinking age you may be excited to know that the BnB is also in a prime nightlife location. There are dozens of bars and clubs located within a couple of miles of the hotel, so if you are someone that wants to see what the DC nightlife has to offer, then this BnB may be your best bet.

How to Screen and Select the Right Property Manager For Your Properties

How to Screen and Select the Right Property Manager For Your Properties

With property management becoming a very popular means for making money, there has been a huge increase in the demand for property management roles that can help you maintain your properties and manage your tenants. However, who you hire to be your manager is a very important decision to make especially if you plan on taking a step back in terms of your own involvement. The great thing about owning property is that after a while you are able to sit back and delegate responsibility to another person, ensuring you hire someone trustworthy and capable of running things to the best of their ability is paramount to your success and profit.


Interview / Application Process

My advice would be to start with an initial interview where you can screen potential candidates and have some face to face interaction where you can gauge whether or not they would be a good fit for a property management role. Things to look out for would be confidence, how the person interacts with others and it may even be a good idea to ask about any property management ideas they may have. Prior to an interview I would advertise the position locally and request an application, this allows you to get background information about your prospective manager and gives them the opportunity to show off any qualifications or experience they may have.

This is a great way to screen your property manager as you have the opportunity to find out about their personality traits, experience in management, and whether they would be a good fit for you and your tenants. Another thing to bear in mind would be to avoid focussing on previous experience too much because although it is important, there are other traits that can contribute to someone being more suitable for the job.


Deciding on the Jobs Roles

Within the role of manager, there will be many responsibilities that your candidates will have to be aware of before their employment, I would recommend that you make a note of the most significant tasks your manager will be expected to do to ensure you are as clear as possible of the expectations of the job. A property manager will be expected to do a number of things, and because it is such a demanding role you should make sure your candidate knows exactly what is going to be expected of them before you decide to give them the position. A property managers role can entail a number of things including:


Managing Finances

One of the most important tasks your property manager will have to be particularly efficient with would have been the management of your finances including ensuring everyone’s rent is paid on time and correctly. As well as organizing rent your manager will be responsible for the costs of running your properties and ensuring bills, repairs, and other payments are all paid and monitored to ensure they are right. Financial skills would be a very valuable aspect to have within your property manager but, in cases where this isn’t possible or if you had a candidate who was promising but lacked the financial skills you may have to think about finding the best wealth management company, in order to ensure your finances are effectively managed.


Communicating with tenants

As previously mentioned, if you are somebody who is planning on taking a step back from managing your property, your manager will become a direct communication link between owner and Tennant. This means your manager will definitely need to be able to communicate effectively and professionally to make sure you have the best relationship with your tenants. The interview process would be a great place to check on how your candidates interact with others and provide the opportunity to test what their responses would be in certain situations. If your tenant has an issue with the property your manager will need to be able to provide a satisfying solution as quickly as possible, this occurrence can be very stressful so you are going to want to hire someone who can keep a level head and deal with issues effectively.


Organization Responsibilities

Another responsibility your property manager will need to have is being extremely organized, especially if you are the landlord for multiple properties it is vital any documentation is kept safe and separate from your other houses. In the event that this documentation is required, there is nothing worse and nothing more unprofessional than struggling to find what you need in terms of the necessary documentation.


Testing in the field

Finally, one of the best ways to test if a person is right for the role of your property manager would be to offer them a trial period in the job role. By offering your candidates the opportunity to prove themselves in a real-life situation gives you the best idea as to how they would react if they were successful. I would start small with jobs like organizing your property documents, speaking with tenants, or showing people around a property so they can show some if they have some of the fundamental skills needed for the position.

This is one of the best screening methods as you will very quickly and very easily be able to see how well they would do, I would look out for traits like confidence, a positive attitude, and enthusiasm and hopefully, you will be able to find the very best property manager for you.

Is 2021 A Good Time to Consider Selling your Home?

Is 2021 A Good Time to Consider Selling your Home?

Whether you’re hoping to downsize or upgrade your living situation, one of the most important things you’ll need to do is sell your previous home. With everything that’s been happening in 2020, most of us are looking forward to a fresh start. It may be hard to think of now, but plenty of people have chosen to write off this year and plan ahead for next year. 2021 is going to be a fresh start for many people and there are all sorts of things you can do to make 2021 the year you get things done. Have you been dreaming of moving into a new house but have been so dismayed by this year that you haven’t had a chance to start planning? Well, never fear. Not only is there plenty of options out there for you to look at, but there are also so many resources for you to get the best price for selling your current home. If this sounds like you then listen up. It may sound like too much work or it may just seem like a massive step to take, but with these tips, you’ll be well on your way to making 2021 the perfect year to sell your house.


Make Sure to Do Your Research

Selling your home can be a daunting experience, especially if it’s your first time.

But one of the main things you need to do if you’re hoping to make some money back on selling your home is to do your research. There are a number of steps involved to ensure the selling of your house runs as smoothly as possible.

If you’re looking to get a handle on your home-related finances but aren’t sure where to start, get in contact with Blutin, they offer up a whole bunch of financial services including finding the best rates for mortgage loans so you can have your dream home whilst you wait for your old home to reach a hefty profit.


Many people aren’t aware of the complexities involved in selling a home, but there is any number of resources out there to help make sure you’re getting the most out of your efforts. Make sure to get a few appraisals to get a more accurate representation of what your house is worth and then why not also have a look online for some tips to improve the profit on your current home.


Don’t Put All of Your Eggs in One Basket

One of the most important things you’re going to need to remember is that you’re going to need a new house to move into once your home is finally sold. In all the hustle and bustle and excitement of selling your home, you’d be surprised how many people actually forget to look for a new home. Whilst it can often take a lot of time for houses to be sold, you may actually find that once a buyer is interested, the property may be swept up quicker than you imagined. You don’t want to be left temporarily homeless and only be searching for your new dream home on the side of the street after handing off the keys to the new owner. Be sure to begin researching for your next home long before you decide on putting your house on the market.


Don’t get complacent when you decide on a home as well, as you’ll soon find out, things move quickly in the property market, so it’s probably wise to have a long line of contingency plans in case your dream home gets snatched up before your house is sold. As long as you keep on top of your research you’ll be sure to find the perfect home for you to move into once you sell your house. Luckily, if you’re not sure where to search, there are any number of property sites online that are specifically tailored to Australia. There are always plenty of like-minded people looking to sell their homes, so you shouldn’t have to worry about not finding a place. It may also be worth getting in contact with the sellers and explaining the situation, they may be willing to hold the house for you if you’re almost finished selling your own house.

Why a Perfect Kitchen is Key to Selling your Home

Why a Perfect Kitchen is Key to Selling your Home

The saying goes that Real estate is all about Location. And that saying is absolutely right. If you are trying to sell a property next to a sewage treatment plant, you will run into some issues. On the flip-side, selling a lovely sea-front property is easy.

But location isn’t everything. There is a lot to be said for the finer details of the interior of a house. Good spacing, well-maintained fixtures, and prevention of mold or damp. All of these things can help you sell your home. But there is one area that we think is paramount in the selling process. The Kitchen!


The Kitchen Revoltuion

The kitchen has always been one of the most important rooms in any home. A family meal is an experience that builds bonds and allows you to relax after a stressful day. But the magic of it all takes place in the kitchen. In rougher times, people didn’t mind what their kitchen looked like, as long as it served its purpose efficiently and was easy to keep clean.

But we are in an age of luxury now. People can afford to be more extravagant with both their cooking and their decoration, and this is why a perfect kitchen is key to selling any property.

Cooking has become much more of a draw for both social media and mainstream entertainment. Cooking shows abound and people are constantly posting their own cooking blogs and Instagramming their food. So a nice kitchen works as a backdrop to all this.

The kitchen has become one of the big social hubs of any house. So a kitchen with a spacious, elegant design that can sit quite a few people is always going to be a draw. People want the cooking process to be a full social experience, with everyone in the family taking part


The Atmosphere

The layout and design of a room have been proven to directly influence the mood someone is in. If you are stood in a bright, spacious area, you are going to feel relaxed. While a dark, grim, and cramped space will make you feel uncomfortable. This idea is important when selling your home. You want a space that feels inviting and nice. When potential buyers tour the home, these mood shifts will unconsciously affect their decision whether to buy your home or not.

Your real estate agent will have an easier time making the sale if space is well kept and nicely decorated. To that end, it could be worth investing a bit of money upgrading your kitchen equipment temporarily to make the whole room stand out. There are some kitchen product reviews at foodplusice that will help you find the best tech to boost the atmosphere of your kitchen.


Make it Stand Out

When people buy a new home, they look at a lot of different locations. And in all that, they can often forget the small details of certain houses. So you want to make sure your kitchen stands out. You want potential buyers to think of your house while they are viewing another.

If you can do this, your home is as good as sold. To this end, you could consider investing in some more outlandish decorations or make some subtle changes. Maybe a special type of oven or some fancy art to really draw the eye of potential buyers.

Selling your home is tough. It can take a long time to shift a property, especially in this economic climate. But if you put in the effort and keep the house looking great, you’ll sell it without a doubt!

The Major Sets of Differences Between Property Management and Real Estate

The Major Sets of Differences Between Property Management and Real Estate

Property Management and Real Estate are two separate industries that are often summoned up as one. People who are unaware of the differences go ahead to classify the same as one based on certain forms of overlapping. Due to this mix, the truth of the matter will be hidden, i.e. the differences. So to put an end to these misconceptions, we are here to talk about the significant differences that underlie both these industries. Hence, go ahead and keep reading to know more.

1. The Process

When it comes to the process or the entire mode of functionally, the real estate industry goes ahead to deal with listings and selling of properties. This particular task is done on behalf of the owner as a move to facilitate the entire process and make things head in the right direction. On the other hand, property management deals with the management aspects of the property. For example, if there are repairs, tenant issues and other maintenance problems, then the management will enter the picture in order to clear things out. This is also done on behalf of the owner.


2. The Relationship

The kind of relationship that you share with a real estate agent and a property manager tends to differ for a whole bunch of reasons. Real estate agents are here to facilitate the process, and anything above the same will not fall under their list. As a result, the relationship that you share with a real estate agent will be transactional, and once the purchase is done, the deal will be completed. But the process or the relationship with a property manager begins soon after purchasing a particular property.

Yes, that’s right. The duration of the same is longer, and they extend their support to the overall development of your property. From looking into small details, they go further into managing massive forms of repairs that need the touch of a professional. As a result, this long term relationship is contractual, and a percentage of the rent is paid to the property manager.

3. The Industry

In terms of business, both these industries come ahead to quote different terms as their transactions are also quite different. The property management industry is relatively vibrant and carries on the process without facing constant changes like the real estate industry. While the value of a property either remains the same or goes up, the real estate industry at times enters a slump. Due to that, both these institutes offer different sets of opportunities, in case you’re looking to start a career. So analyse both these differences and utilise the knowledge for all the right reasons.

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