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January 7, 2016 by DayStar Staff

Thanks for Visiting our Guest Information Page!

If you can’t find the answers you’re looking for, feel free to contact us!

What to Pack

Though the country is small, weather varies dramatically by region in Costa Rica. Forecasts for the larger cities are not good indicators of the conditions in Jaco. At Jaco beach, daytime temperatures in the HIGH SEASON are generally in the upper 80’s and nighttime lows are in the 70’s. In the GREEN SEASON daytime highs are in the low 80’s and nighttime lows are in the lower 70’s. Expect rain in the green season, though it is likely to be preceded by sunshine and followed by sunshine. Rain is less likely in the high season but is not uncommon. Unlike Jaco, since San Jose is at altitude, it can get chilly in the evening – particularly in the green season.

Jaco is extremely casual – shorts, swimwear and sandals are okay everywhere. All  DayStar Guest suites are equipped with washer and dryer, so pack light. Long pants are unnecessary for Jaco but may be desired for San Jose or any special events you may have planned.

You may also want to consider clothing needed for any tours you might desire. If you plan a short trip over to Manuel Antonio Park, a jungle Canopy Tour or an ATV expedition, you’ll need sturdy tennis shoes or hiking shoes. If you plan a fishing excursion or golf at Los Suenos Resort, pack appropriately. The sun can be intense here, so remember your sunscreen, hat and sunglasses. Flip-flops or beach shoes are a good idea. All of these things can also be purchased readily in town!

In Your Condo

Your DayStar suite is equipped with a fully-functional kitchen including full-sized refrigerator, range, microwave oven, dish washer and cooking utensils. You will also have a full-sized washer/dryer and a separate wash tub. Linens and towels are provided. Suites are equipped with telephone, cable television, DVD players and free wireless high-speed Internet access. If you have any special needs, please let us know!

Airport Arrival and Transfer (DayStar transportation)

Book your transportation with DayStar by calling – 888.760.9898

  • Upon arrival at the airport, collect your luggage and pass through Immigration.
  • Proceed outside the terminal to the street to the taxi and shuttle pick-up area.
  • Look for a DayStar sign with your name. This area is often hectic. Do not accept offers of transportation to Jaco except with an authorised DayStar representative. If you have difficulty finding the representative, contact DayStar as follows:
  • DayStar Transportation Supervisor: 2630-9800
  • DayStar Property Management office: 2630-9800

EMERGENCY TIP! Ask to borrow a Porters cell phone. Tip them a dollar or two for use of the phone.

v  It’s about 60 miles from San Jose to Jaco; expect the trip to take 1  hour to 1.5 hours.

v  The fee for the shuttle is based on the number of persons. The shuttle can be billed to your credit card. Tip your driver if you desire in either dollars or Colones.

Other Notes

  • Costa Rica’s electrical system and plug configuration is the same as in the U.S. Any devices you wish to bring should work fine.
  • Your U.S. mobile phone will probably not work in Costa Rica. Check with your service provider to determine service availability.
  • All calls within the country are local calls.
  • Many restaurants and businesses in Jaco accept payment in U.S. dollars or by credit card. You can exchange dollars for Colones by paying in dollars and receiving change in Colones. However, restaurants may not accept bills larger than $20. ATMs are available in Jaco.
  • Safety and personal security are essentially the same in Costa Rica as in any tourist destination. Use common sense and reasonable caution.

Entry to Costa Rica

You’ll need a valid passport to gain entry that doesn’t expire for 6 months.

Let Us Serve You

No one knows Jaco like DayStar. As the premier destination in town,  DayStar has negotiated the best deals for tours and attractions. We have the inside scoop on dining and entertainment. One of our friendly, local Travel Host will meet with you to put together a complete itinerary for your stay. Don’t worry about carrying cash – book through us and pay with your credit card at check-out! See the attached list of great activities in the area. Stop by DayStar office for more guest information, or call us from your suite #400.

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  • krimy media
    krimy media
    18:10 25 Nov 16
    Great staff! We really enjoyed our stay with you guys in Jaco, thank you!
    Kid Koontz-Pena
    Kid Koontz-Pena
    17:14 05 Aug 16
    If you want a no hassle, less stress with excellent quality & service I highly recommend daystar. We loved our beachfront condo!
    arlene clarke
    arlene clarke
    13:37 18 May 16
    We have been returning to Jaco, staying at Bahia Azul for 4 years. Any time we have an issue, whether it be a leaking fridge or safe not working, DayStar staff always resolves the issues within 1/2 hour to an hour. We have booked our transportation from San Jose airport to Jaco through DayStar and have always had good vehicles and nice drivers. Thank you DayStar, looking forward to next February!
    Andy Slater
    Andy Slater
    22:06 27 May 16
    I rented a 4 bedroom condo in Diamante del Sol right on the water from Daystar. The view from the condo and layout was beautiful.Mario and everyone else at Daystar made me feel very confident about my reservation, including the money I paid up front. I know sometimes when dealing in a country you may not be used to, you become hesitant, but rest assured, with Daystar everything was perfect at arrival.We got the keys about 5 minutes after we arrived and went on our way to the condo, which was perfect. I've stayed in many places in Jaco Beach previously, this condo building really was the best view and most importantly, value.I look forward to going again with some friends and staying in the same building.Enjoy.
    Nancy Steffens
    Nancy Steffens
    00:44 20 May 16
    Absolutely perfect location in Jaco just across from the beach, and the condo is very nice. I would stay there again in a heartbeat.
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