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Bahia Azul

Bahia Azul, located directly on the Jacó beachfront near the center of town, is one of the most affordable rental options on the beach. Its centralized location and overwhelming positive vibe make it one of the most popular options for vacation rentals.

All of the condos in Bahia Azul have 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, are 1080 square feet and come completely furnished. The third floor units feature their own private roof top terraces. There are no elevators in this community so it is common for people to prefer the lower floors.

The community also features a very large centrally located beachfront pool with a gas grill barbeque area.

We accept rentals on a nightly, weekly and monthly basis.

*3 night minimum

  • JACÓ BEACH: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW When considering a vacation in Jacó Beach it is also imperative to be cognizant of what you can expect to spend while in town. Below is a list of normal day-to-day expenses that the average vacationer can expect:

    Food at the Supermarket: Food at local supermarkets is neither expensive nor inexpensive. The trap many fall into is thinking Supermarket prices in Costa Rica are extremely cheap when they are actually only slightly less expensive than in The United States.

    Dinner Out: A dinner at a nice restaurant will cost about exactly the same as you would pay back home. There are also many cheaper options in Jacó with average dishes costing between US$10 and $20.

    Drinks: Beer at a local bar costs roughly $3 with mixed drinks costing between US$4 and US$7.

    Taxis: A taxi anywhere in Jacó will cost roughly US$2. To go to nearby playa Hermosa costs US$10 and it is about $15 to go to Herradura.

    Bus: You won’t need to travel by bus in Jacó. However, if you choose to travel by bus, here are some prices: San Jose: $5 Manuel Antonio: $3 Puntarenas: $3

    ATM Charges: It depends on your bank, but the average charge per transaction at a local ATM is US$3-$5.

    Cell Phone: A lot of people choose to purchase a local cell phone. A basic cell phone can be bought for less than US$50. Prepaid plans are extremely inexpensive, costing anywhere from US$2-$30.

Bahia Azul

General Rates
$150-$250 per night
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