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5 Reasons to visit Costa Rica for Christmas

When the world is full of hustle and bustle for the holidays there is one place where you can still relax and soak up some sun over Christmas. If you’re anything like the DayStar team then you love to travel and seek out new and exciting adventures to go on. Costa Rica embodies the spirit of adventure, whether out on the warm sands of the beach or exploring the depths of the Costa Rican jungles. So here is a list of the top ten reasons why you should visit Costa Rica for Christmas.

1)December through April is Costa Rica’s summertime!

Unlike most of the northern hemisphere, Costa Rica doesn’t have four seasons. Instead, there is a rainy season and a dry season. While the thunderstorms in the rainy season are also something to behold and worth visiting Costa Rica for, most people are in search of that perfect sunny day that never ends. The weather over Christmas week in Jaco is immaculate and a complete 180 degrees from the blankets of snow covering the US and Canada.

2) It’s the best time to catch a peek at the wildlife.

Another advantage to Costa Rica’s summer is the abundance of wildlife that flocks to the country. This is the time of year that birds fly south for the winter and settle down in various countries throughout the Caribbean. While the country of the US has around 150 variety of bird species, Costa Rica boasts over 850 varieties of birds over the course of its summer. This all while being a fraction of the size in comparison. During these sunny days you can catch all manor of creatures out and about to bask in the warmth.

3) Lots of adventures to be had

Another great advantage to visiting Jaco, Costa Rica over Christmas vacation is the incredible amount of tour options that are available. While a lot of tours run year round, it can be harder to plan around the rain during the rainy season, and some tour options are just not available during certain months of the year. This isn’t the case over Christmas week as every tour operator in town is open for during the consistent summer months. Just in Jaco you are able to rent ATV’s by the hour, go on horseback riding tours through the jungle, explore nearby waterfalls or even take an excursion out to Tortuga Island. With guaranteed weather you can plan you vacation knowing that you won’t miss out on a single day! Check out our tours website to see more available tours. You can book on the website, or contact your reservation agent and ask them to add any tour you would like to your room cost. Visit

4) Who doesn’t want to spend their holiday getting a tan?

The beaches in Costa Rica have been a longtime secret of the surfing community and steadily growing in popularity. Between the majestic sunsets and sleepy seaside towns, Costa Rica has long been heralded for its vibrant beach communities and laid back attitude. The relaxing surf vibe has seemingly permeated all facets of the culture with the national catch phrase being “Pura Vida”, translated as “Pure Life” and can be used to communicate anything from “thanks” to “you’re welcome”, “hello”, “goodbye” and a myriad of other words. While the beach in Jaco gets a decent amount of visitors over the summer months, the 2.5 mile stretch makes for plenty of room, and there is always more secluded beaches just 5-10 minutes in either direction.

5) Festivals and shenanigans

Being as summer and Christmas coincide in Costa Rica, it only seems natural that it would also be the peak of its festival season. Jaco hosts a festival in the town park with a lit Christmas tree and decorations throughout town, and has fireworks displays up and down the beach. The mix of christmas lights and palm trees is always a lot of fun as well. If you have never been to a Costa Rican Christmas, it is an experience you will want to try.

In Summary

If there’s one word which sums up why Costa Rica is such an amazing travel destination, it would have to be “diversity.” Not only is Costa Rica home to an incredible level of biodiversity, it also possesses a variety of unique landscapes ranging from palm-studded desert isles to volcanic moonscapes and dense, unexplored jungles.

While the sheer variety of Costa Rica’s people, landscapes, cuisine, and wildlife is enough to warrant the region a place on every traveler’s bucket list, from diving off the coast of Tortuga island or hiking up the rocky terrain of an active volcano, I think we would all have to agree that the best reason for anything is to spend quality time with the people in your life that you care about the most.

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  • krimy media
    krimy media
    18:10 25 Nov 16
    Great staff! We really enjoyed our stay with you guys in Jaco, thank you!
    Kid Koontz-Pena
    Kid Koontz-Pena
    17:14 05 Aug 16
    If you want a no hassle, less stress with excellent quality & service I highly recommend daystar. We loved our beachfront condo!
    arlene clarke
    arlene clarke
    13:37 18 May 16
    We have been returning to Jaco, staying at Bahia Azul for 4 years. Any time we have an issue, whether it be a leaking fridge or safe not working, DayStar staff always resolves the issues within 1/2 hour to an hour. We have booked our transportation from San Jose airport to Jaco through DayStar and have always had good vehicles and nice drivers. Thank you DayStar, looking forward to next February!
    Andy Slater
    Andy Slater
    22:06 27 May 16
    I rented a 4 bedroom condo in Diamante del Sol right on the water from Daystar. The view from the condo and layout was beautiful.Mario and everyone else at Daystar made me feel very confident about my reservation, including the money I paid up front. I know sometimes when dealing in a country you may not be used to, you become hesitant, but rest assured, with Daystar everything was perfect at arrival.We got the keys about 5 minutes after we arrived and went on our way to the condo, which was perfect. I've stayed in many places in Jaco Beach previously, this condo building really was the best view and most importantly, value.I look forward to going again with some friends and staying in the same building.Enjoy.
    Nancy Steffens
    Nancy Steffens
    00:44 20 May 16
    Absolutely perfect location in Jaco just across from the beach, and the condo is very nice. I would stay there again in a heartbeat.
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