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Miro’s Mountain in Jaco, Costa Rica

Published on July 1, 2016 by DayStar Staff

If you have ever walked to the far south end of Jaco beach, you have no doubt seen the white pillars and arches sticking out of the side of Miro’s mountain. I know that the first time I spotted it walking down the beach, I was immediately intrigued. It just sits there, lonely and desolate yet majestically perched on the mountainside.

It wasn’t long until my friend Patrick Hundley offered to take me out there to have a look. We drove out to the highway on the south end of Jaco and almost immediately took a left turn heading down a dirt road towards Miro’s mountain. The trail is pretty well traveled and a favorite among local joggers and hikers.

As you start to ascend Miro’s mountain, you’ll notice that the walled side of the path has been completely sculpted in cement with a 3D mural of animal shapes and vines, now aging and being reclaimed by the jungle.

The path winds back and forth up the side of the mountain for what seems like an eternity before we finally reached the awesome white pillars that can be seen from the beach. One look off the side from this amazing vantage point and it’s clear to see why so many people love to hike this trail during sunrise and sunset.

I took in my fill my fill of the landscape, able to see the entire 2.5 mile stretch of Jaco beach from end to end. This is when Pat told me that this is the half-way point, “just a little rest-stop for hikers”. Here I thought I had seen the whole glory of Miro’s mountain, yet I was only half way.

We geared up once more and continued up the winding trail ahead. We were traveling through true jungle at this point, although on a well traveled ten foot wide path, so I wasn’t too concerned with any bugs creeping up on me. The jungle is full of life, so you are almost bound to see some sort of creature while you are exploring out here, most of the time they are cute, but occasionally not so much.

After successfully making it to a large clearing at what I assumed was the top of the mountain, there was a small pathway leading into the trees. Once again I thought, “ok, we’re here”, only to find that this pathway extended much further than I imagined, all the way around a bend and out of site. That only added to the mystique though, I instantly started to feel like Indiana Jones on the precipice of a major find.

After a couple hundred meters the trees along the path thinned out just enough to make out the pacific ocean. The path finally ended at a huge structure built onto the side of Miro’s mountain. Three stories of white pillars and terraced stairways topped with a massive balcony overlooking all of Jaco.

Suddenly I felt foolish for basking so much at the half way point. The view from the balcony was just incredible. I can say that my expectations were surpassed at that moment and any griping along the hike was immediately recanted.

If you ever find yourself walking along the south end of Jaco beach and spot some white pillars on the side of the mountain… go explore it! Thanks to Patrick Hundley for showing me a great hidden spot in Jaco!

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  • krimy media
    krimy media
    18:10 25 Nov 16
    Great staff! We really enjoyed our stay with you guys in Jaco, thank you!
    Kid Koontz-Pena
    Kid Koontz-Pena
    17:14 05 Aug 16
    If you want a no hassle, less stress with excellent quality & service I highly recommend daystar. We loved our beachfront condo!
    arlene clarke
    arlene clarke
    13:37 18 May 16
    We have been returning to Jaco, staying at Bahia Azul for 4 years. Any time we have an issue, whether it be a leaking fridge or safe not working, DayStar staff always resolves the issues within 1/2 hour to an hour. We have booked our transportation from San Jose airport to Jaco through DayStar and have always had good vehicles and nice drivers. Thank you DayStar, looking forward to next February!
    Andy Slater
    Andy Slater
    22:06 27 May 16
    I rented a 4 bedroom condo in Diamante del Sol right on the water from Daystar. The view from the condo and layout was beautiful.Mario and everyone else at Daystar made me feel very confident about my reservation, including the money I paid up front. I know sometimes when dealing in a country you may not be used to, you become hesitant, but rest assured, with Daystar everything was perfect at arrival.We got the keys about 5 minutes after we arrived and went on our way to the condo, which was perfect. I've stayed in many places in Jaco Beach previously, this condo building really was the best view and most importantly, value.I look forward to going again with some friends and staying in the same building.Enjoy.
    Nancy Steffens
    Nancy Steffens
    00:44 20 May 16
    Absolutely perfect location in Jaco just across from the beach, and the condo is very nice. I would stay there again in a heartbeat.
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